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Specialty coffee is not some brand of coffee but it refers the way whole process from the roasting of coffee to its extraction. The term specialty coffee was first used in a journal ‘Tea & Coffee Trade’ in 1974. The author of this book used this term to define the beans of best flavor that are cultivated in specific weather conditions. There are different stages in the journey of coffee even one rotten bean of coffee cab ruin the taste of coffee. There are different associations linked with specialty coffee Sydney that keeps checking on the quality of coffee. The associations are Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), Specialty Coffee Association of Europe, Specialty coffee association of Japan (SCAJ) and many other.

According to SCCA coffee that scores above 80 out of 100 points is graded as ‘Specialty Coffee’. As I have mentioned before all the coffees are specialty coffee that are in compliance with the standards set by different associations. Click here for more info on specialty coffee Melbourne.

So there are different coffees i.e. red eye fancy coffee, Mexican Iced Coffee, The Class Chocolate Coffee, Black Magic Coffee, Steaming Mocha Cocoa etc. You can easily make these all specialty coffees at home. We have given the recipes of three homemade specialty coffees here:

Black Magic coffee:

This is wonderful and flavorsome coffee. It is 100% sugar-free and fat-free. The most loving thing about this coffee is its dark brew which has so much taste in it. Its recipe is very easy and you can easily make it at home. You need calculated amount few ingredients including 250g of hot black coffee (freshly fermented), ¼ teaspoon of chocolate extract, ¼ teaspoon of rum extract and ¼ teaspoon of hazelnut extract and add all of them. You can also use genuine alcohol instead of extract but keep this fact in mind that it will become more potent.

The Class chocolate Coffee:

This is an all-time favorite coffee and it gives you a concoction of happiness. Its recipe is very easy. You have to boil 250ml of milk and add 50g of crushed chocolate in t and kept it stirring until it melts. Meanwhile, grid some orange zest for topping in a side dish. When the chocolate segments have melted add two heaped teaspoons of good quality and freeze-dried instant coffee and allow it to dissolve. Now after few minutes remove it from heat and top with beaten cream and sprinkled orange zest.

Red Eye Fancy Coffee:

The most delightful thing about this coffee is that it wakes you up and gives you sufficient energy. This coffee increases our alertness. It is named as Red Eye because energy derived from it in less than 2 minutes can give you a powerful kick for a whole day. Now come to the recipe of this power- packed coffee. Its recipe is pretty much easy. All you need is just is just one ounce of espresso added into one cup of freshly brewed regular coffee.

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